What We Do

Hospitals Insurance Company (HIC), is a New York State admitted and licensed insurance company with offices in New York City and White Plains. HIC provides insurance coverages and services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians, healthcare professionals and agencies throughout New York State. Since 1982, the company has served the insurance needs of the medical community with a strong commitment to personal service, competitive rates and financial security for its policyholders.

HIC employs a staff of over 40 and writes $225 million in premium volume, with assets of $1.1 billion and surplus of over $200 million.  With twenty-five years of experience in the business, HIC is one of the oldest healthcare professional liability insurers in the country.

Products and Services

In addition to insurance coverage for professional and general liability, HIC provides risk management services to its hospital and physician clients. HIC’s clinical risk management department is responsible for minimizing malpractice risk through the development and support of risk reduction strategies that are based upon claims data, clinical best practices, adverse events, and the evidence-based medical literature. The company provides resources and a collaborative environment designed to minimize claims and lower premiums for HIC clients by preventing patient harm, enhancing teamwork and communication, and improving documentation.