Excess Insurance

Section 18 Excess Professional Liability Insurance

Section 18 excess insurance coverage is available at no cost to physicians insured by a New York State-licensed insurer and who meet all other requirements set by the program. The Limits of Liability of $1m each medical incident and $3m annual aggregate provides an additional layer of insurance protection, over and above the required primary limits of $1,300,000 each person/$3,900,000 total. Requirements include (a) A valid New York State medical license; (b) an individual primary policy of $1.3 million /$3.9 million; (c) an affiliation with a New York State general hospital and (d) successful completion of a qualified risk management program every two years.

Note: Generally, physicians and oral surgeons are eligible for the Section 18 Liability Program if they are in the Section 18 Pool for the policy year ending June 30 of the current year. The primary hospital may certify additional physicians and oral surgeons up to its proportionate share of participants in the Section 18 Pool as of June 30 of the current year. Applicants new to Section 18 will be waitlisted until the hospital’s has completed its review in January of the upcoming year.

(Physicians insured by an RRG do not qualify for this free excess coverage.)

Direct Pay Excess Insurance

This additional layer of coverage of $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 annual aggregate is available to physicians who do not maintain a Section 18 policy and wish to purchase an excess policy. Coverage is subject to submitting a completed application including all required documents and underwriting approval.