Claim and Administration

The Claim and Administration department manages the defense of professional liability claims covered by HIC's insurance program.

Each claim is managed by a claim professional and an investigator. When an insured notifies the Claim Department of an incident, claim or lawsuit, the team confirms coverage, assigns defense counsel, investigates, selects experts, develops a litigation strategy, and establishes case reserves to reflect exposure. 

HIC’s claim philosophy is to aggressively defend claims without merit and fairly and efficiently resolve claims with merit.  If the defense team concludes that the case has merit, efforts are made to negotiate a fair settlement, as early resolution helps control both indemnity and expense costs for our insureds. Claims that do not appear to have merit are vigorously defended. Taking the right cases to court lets the plaintiff's bar know that "nuisance suits" will not succeed.

Defense attorneys are assigned from a list of law firms approved by the clients.

Decisions related to defense strategy in medical malpractice cases are made at regularly conducted claim conferences attended by members of the insured’s risk management and general counsel offices and physician leadership, defense counsel and the HIC Claim and Administration Department.


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